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Our Process

The process of possibly forming a Captive Insurance Company starts with a collaboration with Captive Management companies. These teams of experts will look at your current coverages, balance sheet, & have a detailed conversation about what your concerns are relating to risk. Next, we work with top professionals from the actuarial field to determine the true cost of the risks identified & your Captive Manager's team will work on your business plan and other items required by the insurance regulator of the domicile deemed appropriate to form your captive.

Once a premium is determined for the risk(s) that needs to be covered, everything is submitted to the appropriate insurance regulator for approval. While waiting on this approval, our team at Captive Insurance Asset Management will start to work with you on determining the appropriate Investment Policy Statement to be prepared to manage your insurance company’s assets inline with industry standards.

Finally, when approval is received from the insurance regulator, policies are issued by the newly formed Captive, premiums are received & we begin the process of managing the assets of the Captive while your chosen Captive Management provider manages the operations of the Captive.

Our turnkey approach of one team of experts to work with and have all aspects of your Captive covered, from idea to formation to operations, is what separates us from the rest of the providers in the industry.